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I am not a formal jewelry professional; however, I am a human whose interest and fascination for fine jewelry and gems goes back to when I was very young.  Some of my favorite memories of my grandmother include sitting on her bed, going through her costume and fine jewelry, as she would show me which pieces she would wear together, her various pieces for each holiday, I would try pieces on and “over-accessorize” just for fun.  Another favorite piece is an Avon plastic panda bear a neighbor gave me on my first day of Kindergarten.  My love of jewelry is lifelong.

My mother’s passing allowed me to revisit my affinity for gems and jewels.  As we looked through her colorful collection, separating the fine jewelry from her collection of costume and holiday-themed jewels, I could picture her wearing these little pieces of art at different times of her life.  I am forever searching for unusual, classic, and fun pieces.  I love it when shoppers find things within our collection and I hope these new owners will make their own memories and their selection will have new histories!

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